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Where is Validate.db located

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Where is Validate.db located
So, I have thousands of spam links waiting to be validated. I once before deleted the validate.db (where the new links are stored?) file and deleted them all - I remember it being in cgi-bin/admin or somewhere, but I searched through my ftp for near an hour and can not find this file.

Can anyone please tell me where it is? I am going nuts trying to find the file where my new links are awaiting so I can get rid of the spam entries.

Thanks so much!

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Re: [thisisuandme] Where is Validate.db located In reply to

You posted in the SQL version forum ;) I've moved it for you now.

The files should be in /admin/data/ I believe (haven't used Links2 in a while, but that should be right)


Andy (mod)
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