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Where are Links Stored ???

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Where are Links Stored ???
Cool Hi, I had a very 'BIG' Collection of Links on my website.. But Unluckily, My Bandwidth Limit increased on Virtual ave and they closed down my account ..... Shocked And All of my Links were lost ... Frown

I have used Post Nuke once and in that we can download the database on to the harad disk 'just in case' .. Is there anything we can do similar to links 2.0 so that a backup of the collection of links remains tucked away in the safe comfort of our hard disk every once in a while ????

The Second Question I will ask in a new Thread for convenience of people searching stuff ... .
Can't draw it here ......,
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Re: [klashinkov_khan] Where are Links Stored ??? In reply to
The links are stored in the links.db file. There are automatic backups of that file stored in the backup folder in the admin sub-folder.
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