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Ok ,
The trick to searching information is
to know the right LABLES

Or maybe its never been brought up.

I would like to have the data base filed with relavent links
to the particular information that I am delivering.

But ...
There has got to be a better way then ...
to ge to the add link page and manually add the links in.

Any Sugestions?

If I knew what to look up ...ie... lable, name, synonym,
what ever I would do that, but I just have the idea that I could probly place a bunch of links into the data base at once, than manually placeing one buy one,

Direct me, Send me, Advise me.

Thanks In advance


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Re: Where?? In reply to
There are three Mods in the Resource Center that addresses this issue:

1) Bulkload - Uploads a bunch of links you have in another program or static web pages into Links 2.0.

2) Spider Pro - This spiders the Web and extracts links into your links.db file.

There are also a few hacks in the Forums:

1) ODP Dump: Takes links from Open Directory Project and puts links into your links.db.

2) Fetch Links: Written by Bmxer, which is an advanced spider program that extracts links from the Web and puts them into your links.db file.

But, for me, personally, I don't care for quantity, but quality links.


Eliot Lee

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Re: Where?? In reply to
Cant I after uploading the relavent links then weed them.
and can I do multipal routines?

I have five webring with the information of relevent webpages to be listed.

and would like to list others that are not in any of my lists.

any sugestions?

Yahoo has just taken over webring. This is what has promted me to create a directory.

This is hard do I am slowly doing it for the sake of all needing the help of relevent content and support.

Suggestions Please and advance thanks.


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Re: Where?? In reply to
If you save the result pages into "static" web pages, then you can use the Fetch Mod, which is referenced in the Links 2.0 Customization Forum...and should be linked at the following URL:


OR you could use the Spider Pro Mod, AGAIN, linked in the Resource Center that could spider your static web pages in your site and create a temporary database file that you can import into links.db, the main Links database.

I don't know how to make this more clear for you...good luck!


Eliot Lee