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When do we get support replies?

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When do we get support replies?
I posted a support request in the forumk yesterday, checked tonight for an answer, and still nothing.

So, I had a look at how long it took others to get help. Some NEVER did. Most waited days and days, if not WEEKS>

What is the point of offering support if you don't intend to back it up.

I don't get it, especially when the software is so buggy.
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Re: [joepro] When do we get support replies? In reply to
The support you get here is from other users. If a question is asked that I can answer, I usually respond as soon as I see it. I do this on my own time, with replies based on my experience with Links2.

I have been using multiple installs of this script for several years, with no problems, so I disagree that the script is buggy. Keep in mind the code is several years old, and some parts of it may not work with your server setup. This script is no longer maintained by GT, so don't expect any updates.

Did you pay for the script (commercial use)? If not, you really have no room to complain...

aka PerlFlunkie
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Re: [PerlFlunkie] When do we get support replies? In reply to
It's a shame if true that the script is no longer maintained; for uses that don't need a larger directory script, links 2.0 was and is a great option. Plus it's still for sale for License: $150 USD. http://www.gossamer-threads.com/scripts/links/index.htm

(I've been running for over 5 years :))