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What's New does not build new links, builds empty page

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What's New does not build new links, builds empty page
Moved to new server and now What's New page will not build with new links, builds empty page instead. I have searched the entire forum for hours now and have found various post about the same problem but Never a clear answer/reply/solution to the problem.

My server is Linux with perl 5.8.0

I have seen many posts having to do with same problem and cryptic answers having to do with Time::Local and using an older version of Local.pm and requiring it directly and other such vodoo - tried all of this nothing works.

Does anyone at Gossamer have a clear cut real solution? and if so could you POST the Actual code/solution here in reply. A simple here is Exactly what needs to be done would be great.

Thanks I hope!
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Re: [mikemikemike] Found a Local.pm that seems to solve problem In reply to
After trying a few copies of Local.pm on new system and What's new still not working I booted up an older machine with perl 5.005_03 grabbed the Local.pm from that machine and put a copy on new machine.

Commented out

#require Time::Local;

replaced with

require "Local.pm";

And it seems to work now, however I have not thouroughly checked to see if anything else might have gone awry.

Here is the copy of Local.pm I used that works.