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Weird ID thing...

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Weird ID thing...
OK I got a little more than 1500 links in my db. Here's what is happening I periodically, about once a week, get a url for validation. It's always 793, which BTW is not what url.db shows it to be. It always resets my linksid.txt so that anyone who submits afterward is given id 794, then 795 and so on.
It's always a variation of this link http://www2.by.emagisoft.com/6A5E1F26/294_.tsp and going to that page reveals nothing except it seems to be some sort of test page.
BTW: I'm running the blockurls mod and it works on other domains, but not this one and I've tried every variation (emagisoft.com','by.emagisoft.com',etc...) I have to run chg_id.pl every time it occurs to put everything in place. Also if I didn't catch it soon enough links waiting to be validated must be deleted or re-id'd.

Anyone know anything about this? How could it even happen? If it's a hack trying to drive me crazy, he has succeeded.

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