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Volunteers to help with Links and YaHooka?

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Volunteers to help with Links and YaHooka?
I am looking for volunteers to assist me in setting up Links at www.yahooka.com

The features we would require before using Links are;
-ability to add one link to multiple categories.
-ability for users to suggest more than one category.
-ability to include gifs or text next to link for country, language, content info such as pics, graphics, sounds.
-remove requirement for Contact Name to add url request
-modifying templates to resemble our current setup

We would be interested in using someone's existing modified code of Links or just some basic help in getting these features working fast. I'm not a CGI programmer so all the modification posts are greek to me. Our site is growing fast and I can no longer keep up by adding links manually.

We currently have Links 2 beta installed for testing purposes, but can install ver. 1 again if required. Any help anyone could offer would be most appreciated.