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Very big problems!

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Very big problems!
I have now several big problem with links for the script at http://www.multimeta.com/Catalogue2/pages

1. One of the submitters has written us:

After checking for a link for http://www.swimmercollection.com, I did not find
anything under business/companies/art/indian_art. Another company was there,
and it appeared that they were not engaged in the business of indian art.
Just trying to be helpful. Thank you,
Ryan Rex

Entries disappear and others are wrong, i.e. if the visitors clicks on the link, it goes somewhere else, to another entry, but not to their entry. Other entries disappear. I do not know what I can do. I have already lost some entries, I do not know, why.

2. Another submitter has written us:

We submitted our site to you for listing. It's listed but it when you
click on our name it doesn't go to our site. It goes somewhere else.
Can this be corrected? The site is www.topm.com. Top Meadow. Thank

3. I have another problem. I have defined header and footer for all categories - but nowhere in the catalog can I see my headers or footers. This is very important for us for advertisers.

The catalog is still at http://www.multimeta.com/Catalogue2/pages/. Very strange, with the old version 1.1. everything, including footers and headers. What can I do in order that the headers and footers can be shown in the catalogue?

Thank you very much for your help!

Joerg Wichmann (Multimeta)

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Re: Very big problems! In reply to
Hi Joerg,

did you check your links.db if the structure is still correct? I had a similar problem today. In this case two lines have been splitted to the next line.

Best regards,