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Verifying links

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Verifying links

Is it me, or can there often be problems with verifying links? When run, it quite often brings up that the page 404's but it does exist when I go there. It brings this up many more times when I do a quick verify over the detailed one. It also seems to choke on ~ . Is this normal or have I deleted the wrong line in the code somewhere? :)

A recent example is today. Good links, 242. Bad links - 229. Some will be bad, obviously, but all the ones that I check out do exist. Also, error 302 brings it as a failure "Message: Found, but data resides under different URL (add a /)" but I can't add a / because the link is a .html link.

Any suggestions?



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That happens to me to, I check them and they work but with the verify links, it shows them not working.