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Verifying ftp sites?

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Verifying ftp sites?
When I try to verify my links, all ftp sites return errors, even if the file is present. Does anyone know the code to just bypass ftp files when verifying so that I don't get a huge list of URL's to delete?

Thank you.

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Re: Verifying ftp sites? In reply to
In nph-verify, change
if (($data[$db_url] =~ /^http/) or ($data[$db_url] =~ /^ftp/)) {
if ($data[$db_url] =~ /^http/) {
and see what happens.

Happy Coding,

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Re: Verifying ftp sites? In reply to
Like I already mentioned in this user's other duplicate Thread in the Links 2.0 Customization Forum. Wink


Eliot Lee

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may i try to get my final 3 questions In reply to
answered from you?
How do i get rid of the Category/subcategory where a certain search result (link) was found in in the Search results page.
In which file and what do i have to change/remove?
How / where can i change the way new additions are listet at the bottom of the existing list in any particular category (instead of at the top as now)?
Where or how (if at all possible) could i change the email sender (of the automated emails after a new submission has been validated) into appearing as a name instead of the actual email adress of me?

Answer desperately needed in (for novice) understandable form.
Thank you