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Verifying Links (only 100)

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Verifying Links (only 100)
Problem with Links 2.0:

If I go to "quick check" or "detailed", the script begin to work:

Verifying Links

Link checking started at: Sun Apr 16 14:21:15 2000
Registering URLs ...

Links to check '161' using HEAD method. Please be patient...

but after 100 Links it stops. Why?

Checked 128 - Success (200). Message: OK. URL: http://www.geohex.com/
Checked 131 - Success (200). Message: OK. URL: http://www.ironcrown.com/
Checked 133 - Success (200). Message: OK. URL: http://www.best.com/%7Ertg1/
Checked <a href="ht

please help me
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Re: Verifying Links (only 100) In reply to
As mentioned in a recent Topic in the Modification Forum and tons of Topics in the Installation Forums...the problem is related to your CPU use....

What to do?

1) If you have telnet access...execute the script via telnet.

2) Contact your hosting company to increase your alloted CPU.


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