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Validation db error

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Validation db error
In administration, if i click on VALIDATE, it shows 15 sites..

Unfortunately, trying to DELETE or VALIDATE any of these 15 links gives me a error message of:

Couldnt find record in in Validation Data Base

I downloaded the validation.db file, and its empty.. Thats cool, cuz all 15 of these links needed to be deleted anyhow.. But if the validation.db is empty, where is the program pulling the information for these 15 submissions from? How can i remove them?


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Re: Validation db error In reply to
This has been discussed before. There was a bug in the database files used with the validation process. Try searching this Forum more carefully. And if you cannot find any appropriate Threads, contact Alex directly and ask for advise about how to fix this problem.


Eliot Lee
Anthro TECH,L.L.C