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Validate/Delete Emails not sent to outside domains

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Validate/Delete Emails not sent to outside domains
I've noticed a problem with the Validate area recently, and I was hoping someone here could help, at least to point me to look at something specific.

Whenever I validate or delete a site that has an email address outside of my own web hosting account, I get a general error page that starts as follows:

Error Message : Unable to send rejection message. Reason:
Script Location : admin.cgi
Perl Version : 5.008004

After that, it just lists all the form data, followed by various environment variables that don't mean much to me.

The only time I don't see this error is when the email address is at one of my own domains (the one the script is hosted on, or other ones on the same account). It goes through just fine and I get the Validate or Delete emails. Domains with the same web host but in different accounts give me the error though.

I haven't changed anything that I am aware of, and so I assumed that my web host had done something, since this only works with domains on my own account. Unfortunately, they took a look and couldn't come up with anything, just saying that they don't support 3rd party scripts, so they can't help me. I think they checked their mail server logs but said they couldn't find any record of the error-causing addresses (so obviously it's not getting that far).

If anyone has had a similar problem or has any suggestions on where to look, I'd really appreciate it. I've used this script for over 5 years without having any major problems, so this is really frustrating!

For what it's worth, I don't use any mods and have only occasionally used the "resethits.cgi" script.
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Re: [digitalmaven] Validate/Delete Emails not sent to outside domains In reply to
Problem has been solved. It was due to SMTP server changes, but it's working if I go through sendmail.