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Using Links 2 to build from another Database

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Using Links 2 to build from another Database
Hi, It's possible that this topic has been covered before but I couldn't locate it if it has.

I'm looking to use the Links2 functions to create the following pages:
- Top 5 for each category
- Top 5 for each sub category
- Full pages of links (Spanned if necessary) of each category & sub category


Using a seperate flatfile database to build another set of pages:
- list of records relating to 1 category
- list of records relating to 1 sub-category
- full list of records in sorted according to the following hierachy:
> category
> sub category
> alphabetical

So, that's the idea... Anyone got any pointers on any of the bits I want to do?

If you do, many thanks as you'll remove quite a bit of stress from my life.


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Re: Using Links 2 to build from another Database In reply to
In regards to your first set of requests...


Search for top_x in the LINKS MODIFICATION FORUM. And I believe you want to have a detailed page of links...Do one of the following:

1) Set the following variable in the links.cfg file to 1:

$build_detailed = 1;

And then set the following variables appropriate to the directory and URL where you want to have detailed pages:


For more information on Detailed Pages, please read the FAQ in the Resource Center, which is linked at the top of EVERY Forum home page.

And for your second set of requests...Yea...just install a second copy of LINKS.


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