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Upper limit on additions?

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Upper limit on additions?
Does Links 2.0 have an uppper limit on the number of links that can be added between builds? What would happen if someone tried to add the same link 10,000 times in one day? I'm starting to get spammed like there is no tomorrow and I was wondering if there is any kind of safety feature. If someone kept spamming you massively and didn't stop it would kind of put you out of business wouldn't it?
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Re: Upper limit on additions? In reply to
A small mod to check for dupliate links was just posted...

Apparantly this is a problem for some people, and best solution is to screen any input for duplication, and perhaps require an EMAIL address require people to be verified before they can add a link.
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Re: Upper limit on additions? In reply to
Another thing to use is the LWP Add Checker. I believe it is in the Resource Center. This verifies the link being added via LWP before actually submitting it into the validate.db file.


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