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Unkown Tag: db_cgi_url

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Unkown Tag: db_cgi_url
I receive the following message Unkown Tag: db_cgi_url in the body of the e-mail message Links 2.0 sends to people submitting links to my site. The e-mail works fine (it notifies me and the person submitting) except it sends them "Unkown Tag: db_cgi_url" as the body of the message instead of the template.

Thank you for your assistance
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Re: Unkown Tag: db_cgi_url In reply to
You have to define db_cgi_url as a global variable to be used in all template files in the %global hash section of the site_html_templates.pl file, like the following:

db_cgi_url => $db_cgi_url,

Then you can use the tag:



Eliot Lee
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