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Two questions on oddities...

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Two questions on oddities...
I set up a Links script for a friend, and all is fine. But... when I go to the admin from my computer, I get the normal Welcome page; when he goes to it from his computer, the script goes into Build All mode immediately. And he has so many links, Build All doesn't work (must use staggered). Any thoughts on why this is happening? We log in using the same username/password combo.

The other thing that's not quite right is when I go to the New page, if there are several days of listings all will be normal, except the newest date will not be hyperlinked. The page is created on the server, and is listed on the New page, just not linked to. It's also not included in the unordered list (no square in front of it), even though in the source code it looks like it should be.

>>Oi! Okay, after looking over the code AGAIN, I noticed a missing "quote" in the table tag; fixed that, and the page is fine now. Still have the problem in the first paragraph...

See it yourself: http://jamesdpatches.com/patches/New/Unsure

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