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Top Rated Page and Deatiled View...help!

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Top Rated Page and Deatiled View...help!
I've searched the forum, but I haven't seen a problem quite like this. All my links lead to externals. I have no detailed views for any link. However, when I run the build script, two links on the "Top Rated" page seem to point to a subdirectory (non-existant!) instead of the website that should be listed. Additionally, it does not print the title of the website, but the link number that is associated with those two URLs in my links.db. Odd.

It doesn't create the subdirectory, but I end up with at least 5 "404" errors a day from surfers clicking on the dead directory link. I've searched for some type of discrepancy in the two links when compared to the others that end up on my TR page, but they appear exactly as the others do. It's probably something very simple that I am missing, but has anyone experienced this? And how did you solve it?

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Post Top Rated Page and Deatiled View...help! pixelwarrior 1065 Jan 16, 2002, 9:36 PM