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Top-Rated calculating/sorting

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Top-Rated calculating/sorting

It's been discussed in other threads as to whether there is a problem in the way the Top-Rated page figures its top-10. The consensus seemed to be that the top-12 many people are reporting is due to ties. Well, I think I have proof that this is not the case:

Top 10 Run-Down Resources (by Rating)

Rating # Votes # Hits Resource
9.68 26 44 Oleg's Running Corner
9.58 14 55 The 800m Home Page
9.53 14 101 Nando Sportserver Track & Field
9.50 15 97 Houston Chronicle Running
9.47 30 57 Robert Renman's Running Page
9.42 14 348 Runner's World Online Daily News
9.13 15 81 CNN/SI Athletics
9.05 14 32 Morceli Home Page
8.94 14 29 Trackwire
8.69 16 30 OSU Cross Country/Track Club
8.61 13 54 Track & Field News
7.91 11 28 Northwest Runner Magazine

Assuming those formatted correctly, you can see that the last item should not be included, no matter which category is the criteria. You can also go straight to the source and check it out:


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Seeing as how this has been discussed lately in another thread, I thought I'd bring this one back to the top. Don't worry, I haven't been searching through my posts from the past 6 months. I saw this thread in my access logs and was curious which one... Smile

By the way, the correct page for the ratings is: