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This Forum's search

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This Forum's search
How often does the search index for these forums get updated? It seems the search only returns results older than about 2 weeks.

Also, Alex is it possible to weed out the duplicate references to the same message. When doing a search the results might show 5 links to the same thread. It would certainly make the results smaller and/or enable the searcher to find more matches in the allowed 50 returns.

Dan O.
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Re: This Forum's search In reply to
Alex is working on another Forum software that will better accomodate the needs of Gossamer-Threads users. Please be patient. Also, the search engine is the default engine that comes with UBB.

If you have any other problems or concerns about the Support Forums, it would be best to contact Alex directly. He is good about answering email messages.


Eliot Lee
Founder and Editor
Anthro TECH, L.L.C
Coconino Community College
Web Technology
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Re: This Forum's search In reply to
Thanks for the reply. It isn't a pressing problem, just curious.

I thought I'd mention about the duplicate replies in case no one thought of it before. >8~}

Dan O.