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The Whole system messed up

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The Whole system messed up
I was working on the template of the categories page and then all of a sudden I went from having 1444 links to 33. I checked my FTP files and all of the pages are still there, but for some reason its not reading them . Can anyone help?
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Re: [LordStryfe] The Whole system messed up In reply to
Links 2 doesn't 'read' the pages, but rather uses the data.db/categories.db file in the /data/ folder. Try looking in there, and seeing if all the data exists. If not, then your bewst bet is to look into the /data/backup folder, and grab one of the old backups that have been made in there. For threads on how to do this, please search for theum for 'restore backup' in the Links 2 forums.

Hope that helps Smile

Andy (mod)
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Re: [Andy] The Whole system messed up In reply to
Thanks so much. I did a backup on the links.db file and they all came back. Sly