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Template problem....

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Template problem....
Hi, can someone please comment on what the problem is i am getting here. The tempalte i have changed in the cgi-bin/admin/templates/ folder should look something like http://ace.upyour.com, but it is looking like http://ace.upyour.com/...pages/Ad_Management/.

Any ideas would be much appreciated..



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Re: Template problem.... In reply to
Simply matter of cleaning up your HTML codes....

1) In your template files, you should not use the local path of your computer for image tags and link anchors....

See the following codes:


<IMG border=0 height=38 src="../../../../../../WINDOWS/DESKTOP/ace-installer/index_files/logo.gif" width=78>

This needs to be the following:


<img src="<%build_root_url%>/logo.gif">

Also, the better thing to do is create a global variable for your image directory OR a global variable of your images...like the following:

a) In your links.cfg file, add the following codes:


$logo = qq|<img src="/images/logo.gif" alt="" width="" height="" border="">|;

NOTE: You could add a image directory variable:


# Image Directory
# No Trailing Slash
$imgdir = "/images";

Then replace the above codes with the following:


$logo = qq|<img src="$imgdir/logo.gif";

b) Then in your site_html_templates.pl file, create the following global variable to be used as a global tag in your template files:


logo => $logo

c) Then in your template files, use:



The above info goes for your other image tags you are using in your template pages.

Now...in terms of the menu system...I would HIGHLY recommend searching the Links 2.0 Customization Forum for information about headers and footers. You can apply the same codes you find in Threads pertaining to this issue for the side menu.


Eliot Lee