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Suggestion regarding the Links forums

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Suggestion regarding the Links forums
Alex, have you seen "Search Engine Power Tool" posted on the Ultimate Bulletin Board forum?


With this tool, you can allow search engines to spider all the threads in the forum. With thousands of threads in these forums, you will surely receive a lot of exposure in the search engines.

BTW, do you know that UBB v5.38b has been released? You are using v5.19.
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Re: Suggestion regarding the Links forums In reply to
These forms are spidered by search engines. I have already got results from them that included a posted message. Ok?

Second, does it matter if Alex is using UBB 5.194366233532 or 5.3845642665654?



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Re: Suggestion regarding the Links forums In reply to
Why do you have to get so annoyed?

Firstly, I meant well. These are only suggestions, not demands.

Secondly, the search engine tool is written by the author of UBB. Do you think he would waste his time and everyone else's time and write something useless? His tool helps the search engines to spider UBB threads easier. Here is what Ted, the author of UBB, said.

I just uploaded a new script that will allow you to create a summary page for submitting your UBB threads to the major search engines.

Thirdly, I did not demand that Alex upgrade his forums. It is none of my business. I just wanted to let him know that a new version was released.

I apologize if I offended anyone.

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