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Stranger Fail

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Stranger Fail
Has long time i use a Links 2.0, very good system. In last 3 days i see a new problem:
my .cgi files don't work. Have a message: "premature end of scripts headers".
I have a 3 domains with a same version of the script in same server. I don't change everything in the server.
One exemple: in the web browser the script: admin.cgi go to default page of the internal error server.
I go to the SSH and run a perfect a same script.
My administrator server spoke don't change nothing. Is possible a problem ?
I had a Linux Red Hat 7.2 with Plesk Administrator.

Have ideas about my problem ?


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Re: [Quirino] Stranger Fail In reply to
What CHMOD does the folder have? 777? 755? Also, what CHMOD are the .cgi scripts?


Andy (mod)
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Re: [Quirino] Stranger Fail In reply to
Hi Andy, see please:
cgi-bin - 755
admin - 755

all files .cgi - 755
all files .pl - 644

Dear Andy, all my sites run ok since 2 years... no have one problem. Nobody (i think) changed nothing in the configuration of my server (include the administrator), can have been an attack to hacker? If this will be truth what they can have changed in my server?
I don't know after 2 years to function without problems this it is possible?

Thanks for your advanced help.

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Re: [Quirino] Stranger Fail In reply to
Sorry Andy,

All folders permissions are:

all .pl = 644
all .cgi files = 755
all files in data directory is 666
templates files = 666
hits folder = 777
ratings folder = 777
pages folder = 777

My path of Perl is:
#!/usr/bin/perl - (is ok)

I don't know.... i am crazy. :((
Please help to me.


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Re: [Quirino] Stranger Fail In reply to
Hi all,
When i go to the web (by browser) up to URL to access a my .cgi files i receive a message 404 page not found. For example for admin.cgi and nph-build.cgi (only) in the browser i am moved to 404 page... If you go the SSL and access a nph-build.cgi, i don't have a problems. The script run 100%.

Thanks all, for advanced help.

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Re: [Quirino] Stranger Fail In reply to
My problem is solved now. My apache log files are of the big size... :((
Before delete all log files and restart a apache server all scripts and functions are normal.