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Strange question here....

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Strange question here....
Okay, here's a wierd question for you all...

Is there a way to completely remove the URL and need for URLs in the links?

Why the heck would I want to do that, right? Well it works great as a links script, but it's almost perfect for what I am looking for for doing reviews/ratings. On my site, I'd like to have an area where there can be lists of software divided into categories (Like this script can do), and then be able to read a short description of the game/application along with the ability of everyone to rate it on a scale of 1 - 10, and have everyone able to add games and ratings/reviews when needed (Again, exactly what this script can do). The only foreseeable problem in trying to use this script is the actual link/URL. It wouldn't be wanted or needed, is there a way to just use the title in place of the URL or something? Anyone with an idea on what would be needed to set this up?
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Re: Strange question here.... In reply to
I just replied to your duplicate Thread in the LINKS Modification Forum.



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Re: Strange question here.... In reply to
Yes, there is a way to do that. Search the FAQ and past messages for info about adding fields.. I think the same would apply for getting rid of fields.

I don't know how to do it without the specific directions in front of me. Maybe someone more knowledgable will come across your message soon, but you may be able to find the info you need before then.
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Re: Strange question here.... In reply to
Whoops! We must have sent our replies at the same time. Someone more knowledgable did come along.

Good luck