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Strange problem while upgrading Perl

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Strange problem while upgrading Perl
I'm running Links 2.0 on NT/IIS 4 and I just recently upgraded to the latest version of Perl (5.6). When I installed Links about four months ago I had someone create a password-protected control panel for me. Everything worked fine until the upgrade. Now I can't seem to get into the control panel.

The only thing that I can think of is that the location of Perl changed.

I know this is probably going to be tough to get help with but if anyone could I would definitely appreciate it.

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If it was UNIX you could type whereis perl and get something like:

perl: /usr/bin/perl5.00503 /usr/bin/perl.

On NT I'm not sure; try seraching for perl.exe. Here's a useful tip. Install ActivePerl to c:\usr and you won't need to change your scipts later is you move to a UNIX box.

Martin Webster
Cebidae's UK Internet Resource