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Strange builds

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Strange builds
I'm having an odd problem. When I build some links that are in the database don't seem to appear in the pages.
First let me explain my setup. I am running links 2.0 and attempting to load in directly into the database by using excel. I'm using the mod that allows me to have alt categories. I have a small community type "yahoo" sorta directory and wanted one link to be listed in muliple catagories.
What is weird is that I've got the program to work and to list muliple categories but on certain pages the links won't appear. Now this is odd since on one link it would list the link listed maybe second in the list of alt categories for that link. Kinda odd. I'm not certain if I'm just having trouble with the page builds.. I think so since all seems fine if I go look at the link in the the browser admin window.

I'm thinking maybe somehow I'm throwing the programoff by trying to create a database offline and ftping it as links.db
I'd understand if the thing didn't work.. but why would some links be listed and others not listed? I've looked at the database and can't see any errors.. can't see any difference between how the links that are appearing are set up compared with the links that won't build. Frustrated.
First I thought maybe the problem was that I was using bbedit lite and building it all by hand.. and then switched over to excel to make sure everythingin the db was perfectly setup..
that didn't make a difference.
I went into the html pages and deleted all the html and then rebuilt.. still the same issue.. some pages just won't build right while others seem to build..
has anyone seen this issue before?
Am i doing something wrong in attempting to build the links using excel?
If someonecan help me I'd sure appreciate it.. I can't see anything in the forum that deals with this inconsistancy in the link building.
By the way.. when I rebuild isn't it suppose to build all the pages new? Or does it build some based on the date of the links?

Anyways.. I need some help bad .. this is really hangingme up.
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