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Does anyone use SpeedyCGI with Links2?

My website host only provides me with 100 CGI executions every 5 minutes and I have started exceeding this limit which means a 503 error page is displayed.

It seems as if SpeedyCGI will fix this problem.

My hosting company suggested using FastCGI however I think that you need to modify the CGI scripts. Am I correct?

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Re: [troyid1] SpeedyCGI In reply to
Hi, is there anyone who knows the answer for this question? can Links be modified? wither 2,0 or the SQL version to support FastCGI?
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Re: [jaltuve] SpeedyCGI In reply to
I doubt very highly that Links 2.x is compatible with SpeedyCGI. Links was written with very loose syntax, and does not use the strict pragma. Generally, only programs that use strict are mod_perl, SpeedyCGI, or FastCGI compatible.

It would not be worth your time to modify Links. Just get LinksSQL and save yourself a lot of grief.

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