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Spam Submissions

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Spam Submissions
Starting back in maybe November, I noticed the submissions to my site increase dramatically. They were all foreign language sites, most of them Russian. In an effort to reduce the amount of submissions I was receiving while I deleted the current cache of sites I took the submission page (add.cgi) offline.

Unfortunately, that didn't solve the problem. Somehow, sites are still managing to get their sites into the validation queue without having an active submission page.

Currently, I have over 3000 sites waiting to be deleted. I'm at a loss here at what I need to do to correct the problem, or even how the problem started to begin with. I'm assuming there's a security problem somewhere, but how would I go about fixing this?

Site: AllySearch - http://www.saifai.co.uk/allysearch/
Software: Links 2.0

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Re: [saifai] Spam Submissions In reply to
To completely stop ALL submissions, you will have to remove/rename add.cgi. Read more:

To make submitting a site harder for automated scripts, use the add-confirm mod or (more difficult) antibot mod:


Note: always a good idea to search the board before posting... Wink

PS-- Your site looks very nice! Good job! Smile

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