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Sorry But font ...??

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Sorry But font ...??
HI ..and first sorry for my english..
I am sorry but not good in English I have evil has to however find in the forum I sought... I have right need to reduce the size of the font on the home page the name of the categories is too large.. thinks.. to still leave me an example... sorry ..


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Re: Sorry But font ...?? In reply to
If you are using the Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), edit the file default.css located in your htdocs directory. If your not sure how to use CSS, try using a tool like TopStyle. I'm pretty certain that the categories are defined as <SMALL>. You may want to add something like this to your style sheet:

color : Black;
background : White;
font-size : x-small; (you wanted small!)
font-family : verdana, arial, geneva, sans-serif;

Hope this helps.

Martin Webster
Cebidae's UK Internet Resource
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Re: Sorry But font ...?? In reply to
I tested but I do not use CSS I need reduce the size of the fonts of the categories. example they are 24 I will like sque they are 12

thinks... with the case or... somebody can help me..

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Re: Sorry But font ...?? In reply to
As stated MANY times in the forums and I believe I already answered one of your duplicate Threads where you RAISED this very question....

You need to EDIT the HTML codes between the $output = qq| and |; IN the sub site_html_print_cat routine IN the site_html_templates.pl file.

Look for <a href="$url">$category_clean</a> codes AND place your OWN font codes before this variable!

Got it?



Eliot Lee