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Someone please help!!! Gettin Frustrated

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Someone please help!!! Gettin Frustrated
Help! the new and popular links go to some other page than my own!!! Please go to my page and check it out!!! Ack! Getting frustrated now!!!!

Thanks alot!!

-Lord Digital
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Re: Someone please help!!! Gettin Frustrated In reply to
First of all, in the future, you might want to put a disclaimer in your messages concerning the content of your site. I am not prudish, but I certainly was surprised at what greeted me. Totally unexpected and definitely not suitable for general viewing.

Secondly, it appears that your ISP, virtualave, has not configured your sub-domain name correctly. It seems to me that they are still pointing your domain to an ex-account they once had on their system. This is not a link issue, but an ISP issue. Your New, Cool, and Random links all are being redirected to pipersforsale.com which may have been on the virtualave system at one time or another or they just are pointing to the wrong domain somehow.

You can fix the Cool and New problem by putting a "/" on the end of the URL; i.e., "http://shazam.virtualave.net/New/" instead of "http://shazam.virtualave.net/New". I don't know what to tell you about the problem with the Random link though.

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