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Some questions about using Links

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Some questions about using Links

I will put my Links site on the Web very soon. Now, I have problem with my existing site (general site, not Links): My hosting provider insist that my site traffic (data transfer) is too big (about 25 MB per day), and I suppose that he wants to charge me additionaly. Yes, 25 MB is not too much, but here (in Serbia) communications are more expensive than in the rest of Europe or USA.
Before I start Links on my site, I have to know:
(it will be Megalinks 2.0 with SQL support)

1. Can anybody tell me his monthly ratio: data transfer MB / visitors of Links site. I am very interested in it, because I have to know how much data transfer is produced by (for example) 1000 visitors. I know that depend of acctualy site design and organisation, but any data will be good. I don want to start Links site and in two months stop it because it produce too big data transfer and ISP charge me too much.

2. Is it too dangerous for monthly data transfer to give webmasters HTML for search box of my Links page to put on their pages?

3. Is it too dangerous for monthly data transfer to activate Jump Hack mod for increasing number of votes for a link?

4. Does anybody know good (and not too expensive) ISP with SQL support to host Links site?

5. Who is owner of links listed on a search engine, or directory?
What can I expect if I take links from a directory with Links-like structure and with similiar type of links as my Links site. Links-like structure means that pages are pre-built so I can import them and easy add these links to my Links directory?
I mean, can owner of that direcory accuse me for that?
I would like to know this, because I saw (for example on YahooSuck) many (i suppose) imported links.
And, how can we secure our Links sites from importing like this?

6.I know that there are sites with more than 5.000 links. How long is page building process? More than 15 min.?

Oh, I must stop, it will be too many questions :-))

Thanks a lot!