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Some categories faling

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Some categories faling
Please help-me.. i don't more what to do..

i need this urgent..
I have 848 categories and sub-categories..
but, some categories faling,
the archive index.html not make..

help-me.. i use the Links 1.0, because i have modifications and i don't make for the version 2.0..

help-me please..
sorry my english.. :)

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Re: [Sabaote] Some categories faling In reply to
Mmm... 848 categories? Wow...so 2 links in each category, puts you upto over 1600 links, in a flat file database. It doesn't suprise me that you are having problems Wink If you can afford it, I would seriously recommend upgrading to Links SQL. It can handle this number of links with no problems at all Smile

Without more details, we can't really help you sort out your current problem with links 2 ;)


Andy (mod)
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Re: [Andy] Some categories faling In reply to
Yes.. is to much categories..

i know..
thanks.. i see what to do.. so..

but, if you can help-me in other problem..
i modify the script for check the IDs duplicates..
and works.. but, very links with ID equals, are diferent sites..

then i cannot delete this sites..
what i do.. please help-me..

thanks one more time..