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Some Feedback

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Some Feedback

I was recently having problems with my server thinking I have reached maximum occupancy. It was deleting my files after I rebuild my site. He uses an auto-quote system to check for accounts status/space available. I am set to have 20megs max, and after looking into it this is what he found:

"Your program (LINKS) is definitely leaving some defragmented areas in your account which
the system looks at as non retrievable space.
I noticed this... you have 17 or so megs, then when you run your program once, it instantly jumps to 21 or 23 megs. Then if you run it twice, that puts you at your max limit. So, your program is definitely leaving some stuff behind that the system cannot reclaim as available space. I have made it so the quota check will run automatically in the middle of the night. So, it will force the system to automatically recoup any available space. Hopefully that will help".

So I have three questions:

1) Is it possible that LINKS does "leave some stuff behind"?

2) Would the best solution be to make my limit more than 20megs, so if this does happen I won't lose any files? (Basically, have my account set for 40 megs, that way there is no confusion with the system telling me that I am over)

3) Any other solutions?

Thank You