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Some Basic Questions re Links & Indexing

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Some Basic Questions re Links & Indexing
I'm interested in using Links 2.0 or SQL for
creating an HTML index page for web pages on
a number od different sites (like a Smart Communities site)--- and I am overwhelmed with the indexing job. I do have a professional indexing program, but doing the indexing 'by hand' and coding the links takes forever. Can Links 2.0 bring in all the non-HTML words from a number of local and remote sites and then check them against a "stop word" file(a, an, the, etc. -- about 100 very common words) and then turn them into a list of clickable links to the pages?

I'm not really interested in the ratings, postings, the search engine or other features, because I'm using UltraSeek's Search engine, but don't want to spend the $10,000 US =;( for the add-in indexing module.

Any opinions on this process would be apprecited.



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LINKS at this time does NOT index the Web or collects links into the database. However, there are a few Mods available that will do this. Check out the Resource Center.

LINKS does format links and prints them on web pages from the links database file.

Hope this helps.


Eliot Lee
Anthro TECH,L.L.C