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Snap templates Q again

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Snap templates Q again
Anyone know why the snap template table design mis-aligns in Navigator 4.6 and Opera 3.6?

It's perfectly OK in Explorer 5.


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Great to see your site! Please feel free to add it to my site, the WWW Virtual Library: Anthropology, and also the other relevant WWW Virtual Library sections, including European Archaeology.

My add form is located at:


However, it would be best if you select a category first and then add your link.

Anyway, could you be more specific about what you are referring to as mis-align? I think that you mean that the right table for Featured Pages is moved over into the next screen in Netscape Communicator and shows up fine in MIE, right?

The main problem is that MIE and Netscape interpret HTML anchors quite differently. Embedded tables are the most problematic design aspects to incorporate accross browsers.

You may want to try playing around with the table widths and decrease the percentages to 90%. Pixils aren't the best measure to use since the spaces outside of tables will vary between screen size resolutions.


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