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Simple Question?

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Simple Question?
What does the: what the category will be related to menu do? Does that mean that a person who submits their site into that category is automatically listed in all the other related categories? Help me please! Thanks in advance.... Please respond quick. I have been doing coding and moding all week and about am ready to open my site to the public. I can't wait. :^)
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Re: Simple Question? In reply to
Could you be more specific about your question? I am a bit confused.


Eliot Lee
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Re: Simple Question? In reply to
I think you're asking about related categories when adding a new category?

If you choose related categories, they will be listed as additional links below the actual links for that catagory.

If you had a category 'photographers' and set up 'camera' and 'film' as related categories, the photographerc page would look like:



photographer link 1

photographer link 2

photographer link 3

photographer etc.


camera catergoy link

film category link


Dan O.