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Searches: How would I...?

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Searches: How would I...?
On the search results page, it shows down at the bottom:

Try your search on other Search Engines
Alta Vista - HotBot - Infoseek - Deja News - Lycos - Yahoo

Now, these, when you click on them, not only go to the search engine listed, but they also automatically look up the search term in question! That's neat.

I was wondering, since I have a ..er, rather specialized-interest Directory, if it would be possible to do that with other special-interest directories such as AvatarSearch (http://www.avatarsearch.com) or Pathway to Darkness (http://www.pathwaytodarkness.com) and the like, instead of the more mainstream searche engines and directories?

If so, how would I go about doing this? Please, someone get back woith me on this -- I positively cannot sleep because I think it's an excellent idea and I must know how!

I must! -- I must! -- I must!


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Do a search on those engines. Copy the Text in the Location Bar on your browser. Put this on your webpage like a link. duh. But where it says the thing you search for - like -----------------------------------------
just example

delete avatar and type <%terms%>

Lavon Russell
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