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Resource Center Changes

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Resource Center Changes
I'm helping Alex with updating the structure and content in the resouce center. I have started categorising the Sites in Action (v 2.x) into several categories.

Feel free to go and modify your own resource now, and put it into one of the categories. If you want to suggest new categories, feel free to do so - here in this thread, for example.

Please also note that I will delete links which do not work. If your site has changed URL, now is a good time to update your information.

I will also soon start to categorise all the mods. Suggestions for categories are most welcome.

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Here are some suggestions for categories in the Resource Center:

1) Mod Collections (sites with tons of Mods that work)

2) Email Modifications (Recommend It!, Report Dead Links, etc.)

3) Security and Password Mods (includes adding and administrating links)

4) Asethetic/Graphical Mods (upload mods, graphic usage, etc.)

5) User Interactive Options Mods (review scripts, etc.)

6) Advertising Mods (banners, click-through links, etc.)

Hope this helps.


Eliot Lee
Anthro TECH,L.L.C