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Really need help

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Really need help
Is there anyone that can to this with their eyes closed. Please hit me up on ICQ 50190272

I need a lot of help with this, I need some starting point.
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Re: [Slick_Rick] Really need help In reply to
heeeheeee, go on what problems are you having, start from the beginning, list them and we will se what we can do.....


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Re: [stu2000] Really need help In reply to
Well First off I have no friggen idea what I am doing, and I admit it.

I dont know how to create the templates for my submission form.

I don't know how to get my cats page linked to my sub cats page, (Meaning is there some code that has to be placed in there like on my "index.shtml" pages For exe------> "<!--#include virtual="/mlinks/amateur/premium/main.html"-->"

Along with all the other stuff I cant grasps

I just can't figure this out.
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Re: [Slick_Rick] Really need help In reply to
Well, there is only one way to eat an elephant: One bite at a time.

I would suggest that you look at the Links 2 demo here at the G-T site. try out the admin center. visit a few of the "sites in action" listed in the resource center

first thing you should do is configure the links.cfg and links.def. Ask your host the path to the cgi-bin folder, perl and the send-mail. Two things: I started my ID number at 10000 instead of 1. And after creating all the fields, I suggest adding a few "blank" fields for later use as needed.

Then load all the files to your server. locate your cgi-bin and create a links folder under it. Under that create your admin folder. Under the admin folder create your backup, data and templates folder. Create the hits and rates folder under the data folder. Set the permissions of the folders/files.

that's kinda off the top of my head, so read the instructions. As I recall, the dicussion on setting up the folders was confusing.

As you encounter problems post them in the Installation forum for help.

Good luck.

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