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Yahoo! accepts YahooSUCK.com

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Yahoo! accepts YahooSUCK.com
Guess what?

I just got an email from Yahoo! saying that my site, YahooSUCK.com, will be listed in their parody directory within the next 2-4 days and will appear in the index when it's updated.

Makes you wonder why many sites never get in and mine got accepted in less than a week after submission. Maybe because of all that controversy regarding the Federal Domain Dilution Act, lawsuit against YaHooka, or what? Anyway, I'll take the listing anytime.


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Re: Yahoo! accepts YahooSUCK.com In reply to
FYI, Yahoo placed my site at their complaint category.

Take a look here:


Does this prove anything to us? Yes I would think so. There is an old saying that goes, "the baby who cries the loudest gets the milk". I cried so loud -- only once -- that they added my site within a week!

www.yahoosuck.com - it really does!

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