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New Feature Request(s)

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New Feature Request(s)
Ok, I've mentioned these before but I'll post them again for this forum:

- Password protect links modify. Perhaps it could be optional, but I know I'm not the only one who'd like to see the functionality.
- Ability to expire a link. That is, in the same vain as Expirator, permit the admin to determine a period which a link is considered valid, and then either notify the link author or delete it.

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Re: New Feature Request(s) In reply to
Hi Andrew,

I'm not really that fond of either ideas. Smile I don't like passwords because experience has shown that people never remember them. I think the current security is adequate:

1. The admin can view the original and new link. Any blatant changes should be noticeable. Also, if the contact email addresses don't match he can verify before approving the change.

2. The site owner is emailed a copy of the changes. If he didn't submit the change, this should raise a flag.

As for expired links, ideally that's what the link verifyier is for. Links don't really expire do they? As long as the information is still there, the link is still good. If the information is stale or outdated, then the link should be removed, not just because it's been in the directory.

Just my 0.02, although I'm always open to other opinions/arguments.


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Re: New Feature Request(s) In reply to
Thanks for your reply, Alex. This is the first time that I am aware of you have acknowledged an opinion on either topic, which is helpful in knowing where you stand on each matter.

Regarding each topic...

- Passwords: Passwords offer an additional level of protection against an unauthorized individual making a change to a link. I, for one, believe passwords would make the admin's role easier as it would not level the entire burden of this security on him/her but would shift some of the responsibility to the individual link owner. Of course it would be their responsibility to retain this password info. But, as I do presently, the admin can make this easier by forwarding the info to the link owner via email (I update my link owners monthly on their links, hits, etc). (It would be nice to have a script that could email this password info to the script owner on demand, however :-)

As mentioned originally, perhaps this could be an optional feature. Though not requested by the majority of folks here, arguably there are some that would like to see this functionality.

- Expiration of Links: Technically, links do not expire. They are either there or they are not. The content at the other end of the link, however, may change dramatically over time. How many times have you followed a search engine link only to find that there was absolutely nothing there related to what you searched originally? The link was there but, technically, the content had expired.

What I am suggesting is a means to allow an admin to say "Hey, can you check this and make sure it's still valid? If it isn't we're going to delete it." Expirator did this -- you could email the link owner after a specified period and ask them to review the link. If the link wasn't updated you could then delete the link in good conscience.

Hope this adds some insight on why I feel these two features could add value to an already invaluable product. Thanks for listening!
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Re: New Feature Request(s) In reply to
I would have to agree that password protection would be better. And also have a lost password script so that e-mails the e-mail on file. Or have a special thing that is like a password but not critical like a password. So that a user enter his hint word and if it doesn't match the owner is e-mailed, but a validation warning come up for the admin. It would be like a hidden entry.

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Re: [Andrew Mitcham] New Feature Request(s) In reply to
A new featrue that can copy categories and sub categories when used more than once in a similar way that links are copied would be a distinct advanatge and a valuable time saver!!

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Roy5085: Sep 13, 2002, 9:24 AM
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Re: [Roy5085] New Feature Request(s) In reply to
You are using Links SQL, correct? There are Links SQL specific forums.
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