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Netscape and other problems

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Netscape and other problems
Hi there,
I'm having some problems using Netscape 4.6.
Searching for keywords it allways break down, while showing the results page. Using IE5.0 I have no problems.
What can I do ???

Thanks in advance for your help and I hope you can understand my English Smile
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Re: Netscape and other problems In reply to
Netscape is very critical of HTML code. If the output results from the search script is incorrect, Netscape may not display it. This especially happens with pages that contain tables.

IE is much more forgiving of bad HTML code and will display just about anything. IMHO it is most likely because MS products produce such poor HTML code to begin with, they had to design a browser that would read it.

Next time you get results that you can't read with NS, copy the URL and enter it in an HTML validator like http://validator.w3.org/ from www.W3C.org

Use the error report to correct any flaws in your page layout code.

Dan O.
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Re: Netscape and other problems In reply to
Thanks for your help...
Solution: never try to use a background-picture behind the <p>-definition in links.css Smile
That's all