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yes jimz, please. i truly apologize for jumping the gun.

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Hello Alex!

Yesterday I have just ordered Links SQL without having any idea of the "would be bugs" in comparision to the assumtion how good it can be.

My question :
1 - Will you also provide a text>>SQL database converter? How will people get their database in to the new format?

Or is it a naive question?
I am an Architect of buildings and not of software Architect like you!!!

2 - Links implies >>>submissions.

In the forums it has been discussed a lot about ban URLs. Not to allow certain submissions from certain sites.

I "FAIL" to understand why Alex is not including such parts of programming within links and why people have to wander and hunt around for such mods. Why the needs od the people or webmasters are not truely reflected within designs the subroutines of (Baby) Links or the (Father) Links SQL.

3 - If Links SQL is meant for large directory My question :

Has submissions Multiple catagories and Subcatagories considered and developed very much or not?

As far as categories and many routines are considered, the baby links v2.0 is far too restrictive that it requires a lot of modifications.

4 - What is really necessary, in the interest of every one is -


I propose Alex to develop a small perl script and offer it free to everyone as a small gift. It will be a contribution against nuisance and unwanted submissions. The programmer should have thought of that and also could have included in the routines.

This program could
a - Stop unwanted URLs being submitted.
b - Allow from the begining to seperate or parse people submitting websites and webpages. This is also a big headache. People submit webpages. The Links master checks it out and after two months this pages are changed to pages with sexual contents. The URL.pl subroutines should be able to find out if a webpage is being submitted or a website and react or respond accordingly.

In both the above, during the check, unwanted URLs are discarded.

This could be a great contribution or a donation to the community of internet. Why cannt a programmer not make his program so intelligent that it gives sufficient protection against such troubles? As a buyer of Links SQL (This is not yet delivered to me and hant seen yet) I beleive in such expections.

A program it to be said good if it has been developed in many strategical areas. A necessicity of mods is a sign of under-developed program.

I hope to be impressed by Links SQL and have no doubts on the expertise of the software Architect.

5 - Use of password in Links SQL
In the baby links creating fat file database,
what I did not like at all was the modification area. How can it be without a password. So under-developed. Well this was not so serious routine.
If Links SQL is meant for large directory, I hope that this modification of links is also fairly developed area of the program and hope that it would be there and the further headache of installing password is not to be undertaken.

I have seen people spending their life after installing mods of such kinds. Endless troubles. I still fail to understand why such a perl scripts do not have such answers of the needs!

Last, I appreciate programming a lot.


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