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Error whn modifying a link ?

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Error whn modifying a link ?
Hi again :)

I have fixed my site aup and it is running the way i want. The reason behind the site is to list names and addresses of compnies around Scotland. Therefore i do not want the names to be active links when they are listed. I just want them to be standard text. When i try submitting a link without a URL or Email address it doesnt like it. Here is the message :

Error: Unable to Modify Link

There were problems modifying the record:
URL (Can not be left blank)
Contact Email (Can not be left blank)

Is it possible to disable the url and email address function o that it will just appear as standard text ?

Thanx in advance :)

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Re: Error whn modifying a link ? In reply to
1) You need to "unrequire" those fields in the %db_def hash section in the links.def. Change the 0 in each field definition to 1.

Want more info?

Search the Links 2.0 Forums for field definitions.

2) You can change the layout of the links by editing the link.html template file.


Eliot Lee Wink