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DirtSearch v3 What do you got to say?

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DirtSearch v3 What do you got to say?
what do you guys got to say? I think after DS 3.1 is released, Links is going to be blasted.
Wow! March already! Well, the development has been taking me a little longer than expected because I keep finding things to add into the engine. Hopefully things you'll like, but perhaps not....I guess that depends on what you are looking for. Anyway, here's a status update, and expected release (I should be able to put in a good 20 hours over the next couple of days).

1)static and dynamic pages (won't happen until release 3.1 - will be immediately after getting out the dynamic version)

2)Multiple database support: I have added preliminary support for mSQL, PostgreSQL, and ODBC, and have full support for mySQL. Flat files should come with the build version, Oracle and MSSQL will be later if I have any demand for those. NOTHING will have been tested other than MySQL at this time. I will also be testing the flatfile versions as I develop those, but I have no way of testing other database platforms at this time. It's going to be something that will take some time working out what works and what I thought would work but didn't.

3) Banner Rotation program - not going to be built into the program. It will be a standalone program which will work WITH DirtSearch if DirtSearch is installed. This should come immediately after the flatfile version is released.

4) Query optimization: I think I've completed this part, at least for phase I. Part of the time in releasing this has been breaking up tables a bit to allow for joins therefore allowing better search speeds. Of course, this also means a couple more tables.

5) Details page, and user comments will be added. Also, voting will be done by registered users if you choose that option and therefore there will be better protection against multiple voting

6) There are three levels of new incorporated and able to be set at setup.

7) You may e-mail site owners (who have not selected NOT to receive mail), your e-mail list (not necessarily owners), and you may also e-mail your administrators (see below).

8) I have added a method to the madness of administering a huge site. You may now set specific users as administrators or managers of categories. This means they may validate new links and modified links, add links, and delete links only from those categories.

9) Spidering of a site from a base URL (I have to work through the robots.txt file for this so it may take a little while) - Not yet

10) Web based e-mail capabilities (expanding into a complete portal) - This won't be long. I have the basics working, however, I need to do some clean up. The table structures will be built in for you so you can come back and download a couple of files when this is released and have support for all your users.

11) News listings capabilities - Again, Not yet

ADDED since the previous comments:

1) The "managers" group of categories
2) Easy to set the number of columns for the index pages
3) Easy to set the days for listings to remain new (fixed a lot of the bugs with this)
4) Allow you to select whether a site must be validated after modifying or when adding or whether to add it directly to the searchable database
5) Ability to edit templates and mails from the administrative area
6) Better management of administrative area
7) Specify the default number of links to display on index pages or search result pages
8) Option to allow or not allow user to add a site without being in a category
9) Set up index pages to list the category description with the category or to list the subcategories as links under the main category.

The above are all set from the administrative area and during initial setup and can be changed without editing any files via FTP or telnet.

The release of this will be NO LATER than Sunday Night at 10:00 US EST. I'm hoping to have it out by Friday night 10:00 US EST.


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Re: DirtSearch v3 What do you got to say? In reply to
what do you guys got to say?
Since you asked... Sounds like spam to me! Very poor taste. Frown Furthermore, you have insisted on showing zero respect for Gossamer Threads (of which I have no affiliation) and this forum. I can only hope that if you post any questions here in the future they will be ignored. Enjoy DirtSearch.

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Re: DirtSearch v3 What do you got to say? In reply to
I'm not spamming...I'm simply saying that I've found a better product that's all...and to let others who may like php and mySQL to join me in switching to this product...which obviously isn't mine...duh...
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Re: DirtSearch v3 What do you got to say? In reply to
Alex, please close this Topic and the other Topic this user posted before things get out of hand. This Topic has nothing to do with LINKS, and thus should not be allowed to be open in these forums.


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Re: DirtSearch v3 What do you got to say? In reply to
Well, at least he didn't post it in the mods forum this time... :0

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