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Pro-purchase questions

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Pro-purchase questions
Hi, I am interested in links2, but I have two questions:

1) Does links2 support filter(s)?

Exactly like when you browsing sourceforge's software map (http://sourceforge.net/...list.php?form_cat=90), you can set filter(s).

Say, when I browsing a category (Game) link list, I can set "RPG" as a filter, so only RPG games are displayed.

In this case, RPG is a user defined column.

2) How many user defined (custom) fields do links2 support?
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Re: [datoufish] Pro-purchase questions In reply to
you can use the search script to handle this. instead of normal queries, you can actually pass in keywords for specific fields in your database.



will only return results for the Games category and only those whose Genre is set to RPG

Limecat is not pleased.