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Links2.0 vs dbman

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Links2.0 vs dbman
Yesterday in dbman forum I posted:

I am still in the process of determining how dbman will fit into my site. I would like to set up a supplier directory for the bottled water industry as follows:

1. The site will have a category-driven directory on the home page. Main category headings will show the total # of listings in brackets. Visitor will click on category to go to listings.

2. There will be a search box on home page to do a specific search by product, category or company name.

3. All visitors will be able to view listings without having to log in. Only registered supplier members with listings would have to log in to make changes to their listing.

Is this setup possible with dbman?


One of the responses I got suggested that Links2.0 might better do the job for me. After downloading Links2.0 and playing with it for a while, I'm confused about which one is better for my site.

At first glance, I notice that after creating a link, when I do a search for that link, I get a yahoo-style results page. It's basically a link to their website, and a brief 2-line description (like yahoo). I'd prefer the results page to be more of a full description (name, address, list of products/services, etc), and if they happen to have a website, then that would show as well. This would be more of a full description directory on site, rather than always sending them offsite.

So how do I determine if I should pick dbman or Links2.0? I should mention that I do not need the feature in dbman that allows a visitor to register and login and create a listing. Once I set up the db myself, if a visitor wants to add themselves to the directory, I can easily create a form on the site which they send to me, and then I would add them to the db.
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Re: [ceniti] Links2.0 vs dbman In reply to
If you do not need DBMan's login thingy, then Links is definitely your way to go. As in DBMan you can add additional fields etc. Since you only require the URL field in case a company owns a web site link jump.cgi directly to the detailed pages.

If you wish only registered suppliers to be able to modify their listings, you will need to install a password mod. All these add-ons are available, just check out the Links 2.0 forum as well as the Resource Center. Smile
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Re: [Tho:mas] Links2.0 vs dbman In reply to
Hi Tho:mas:

How do I link jump.cgi directly to the "detailed page"? What detailed page?
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Re: [ceniti] Links2.0 vs dbman In reply to
Code hacks for doing this have been provided in the past...search this forum for jump cgi detailed.
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