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Can Links be used as a Dinning directory?

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Can Links be used as a Dinning directory?
Im trying to figure out the best and inexpensive solution for a small Dinning directory. So far Links 2.0 seems to be the type of Directory I'm looking for except that I don't want to use it for Internet Links.

Can Links 2.0 be modified to do a Dinning listing? This means removing the 'URL' field and a couple of other fields in exchange for Dinning fields.

Sorry if this question has been asked before but I couldn't find anything in the search.


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Re: [MasterMind] Can Links be used as a Dinning directory? In reply to
The beauty of Links is that it's easily modified to serve just about any purpose. You certainly can have a non-links directory. However, you'll find out that you SHOULDN'T remove any existing fields. Just change the configuration settings so that unused fields aren't required, then add your custom fields to the end. You'll need to modify modify.cgi as well...

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