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"communitech", read and try to help !(CPU USING)

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"communitech", read and try to help !(CPU USING)
I move to communitech, but they disable my account, because using links, they sas that links use lots of CPU, is it true ?
What can i do ? i need to use links, how i can make it use less of cpu ?
Please help !
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Re: "communitech", read and try to help !(CPU USING) In reply to
Links can move to alot of cpu usage, and on another computer, or a web host, i hear it will push the timeout seconds to its end when your building. I would try getting another host, because if you plan on having the limit of like 3000 or something, they will probably kick you off. But there are some people that won't

Lavon Russell
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Re: "communitech", read and try to help !(CPU USING) In reply to
Or if your current host has MSQL or MySQL modules installed on their server, you might want to consider moving to LINKS SQL. Using SQL is less intensive in terms of processing. Most ISPs encourage their clients to use non-ASCII/flat file databases, such as SQL or ODBC/DSN.

My ISP has asked me to seek alternatives for my LINKS and DBMAN projects...so, I am moving to SQL in the next few months.

It would have been nice if your ISP gave you some time to research viable solutions rather than shutting down your LINKS site. Frown


Eliot Lee
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Re: "communitech", read and try to help !(CPU USING) In reply to

How many links do you have? I've been considering communitech.net and don't want to get stuck.

How have you found their service otherwise??

Dan O.

BTW, they do offer MySQL at no extra charge with their service.
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Re: "communitech", read and try to help !(CPU USING) In reply to
I'm hosted on communitech, and have no problems. My database has a little over 2000 links. I've hacked links up quite a bit too... with mods and other little things. So I find it hard to believe you are having problems.

I know of stories of people hosted on CT getting there accounts disabled temporarily because of the jump.cgi going crazy (due to their database being corrupt). Ask CT what files in particular are taking up to many resources, you usually recieve emails from there "reaper" they call it.

Jacob Wheeler
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Re: "communitech", read and try to help !(CPU USING) In reply to
You could also bypass jump.cgi altogether and simply make the hyperlinks for your listings from the url field.